New Times

This turnkey interior design project presented a unique challenge due to its fixed deadline and budget, as well as the geographical distance between the client and the project site, spanning over 200 kilometers. The client, a young woman, desired an interior space predominantly in shades of grey, with a minimalistic approach to achieve an easy and light atmosphere.

The project aimed to create a serene and contemporary living space with a focus on simplicity and functionality. To meet the client's needs, the design incorporated various shades of grey, from soft pastels to deep charcoal, creating a harmonious monochromatic color palette. The use of minimalistic furniture and clean lines further emphasized the sense of spaciousness and simplicity.

Location: One Properties- Timpuri Noi, Bucuresti

Duration: 4 months

Status: finished 2023

Size: 52 sqm

Budget: aprox 35 000 euros

Photo: Dan Calin