Nude Feeling

This expansive 104-square-meter apartment is situated in the Amfiteatru Residence, located in Pipera. Constructed nearly two decades ago, this residence boasts a spacious interior with an inviting ambiance, although it presented a few notable challenges.

Firstly, the owners were residing overseas during the renovation process, requiring me to effectively communicate and coordinate from a distance. Secondly, I faced the constraint of a tight deadline, necessitating meticulous planning and efficient execution. In light of these circumstances, I embarked on a strategic approach that involved the removal of select walls and the reconfiguration of key spaces, including the main bedroom, small bathroom, pantry, and second bathroom.

The design brief we received was characterized by its simplicity and clarity, aligning with our overarching architectural concept. My objective was to craft an environment that exuded modernity, accentuated by a soothing beige color palette. In order to fulfill the owners' discerning preferences and cater to their lifestyle, we incorporated bespoke furniture pieces that seamlessly blended practicality with style.

In reflection, I am confident that with the help of everyone involved, I achieved these objectives, resulting in an exquisite transformation that harmoniously balances contemporary aesthetics, functionality, and personalized elegance.

foto: Dan Calin