Rental unit

This particular project presented a notable challenge, as it entailed seamlessly integrating numerous day-to-day activities within a limited space. With the future tenant's specific needs in mind, I embarked on an innovative design approach for this centrally located 27-square-meter studio in Bucharest.

By carefully considering the tenant's requirements, I thoughtfully incorporated distinct areas into the layout to cater to various functions, including a designated bedroom, workspace, cooking area, dressing zone, and even a bar-like table. This deliberate allocation of space ensured that each activity could be accommodated harmoniously within the studio's confines.

To create a versatile environment that would resonate with a diverse range of individuals, I opted for a neutral and airy aesthetic. By doing so, I sought to establish a blank canvas that would serve as a backdrop, allowing future tenants to infuse their own personalities and styles into the space during their medium-term occupancy.

Strategic placement of furniture, curtains, and lighting played a crucial role in demarcating and separating the different areas. This deliberate arrangement facilitated a seamless flow and effortless movement throughout the studio, promoting a sense of continuity and ease of navigation.